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So here’s the deal with affiliate links, if you buy a product I link to off of Amazon, for example, I’ll get a small percentage of the proceeds, no skin off your back.

I will also being using any other affiliate links I can get my hands on, for example, if Oura gives me a coupon code for their product for $50 off you get a deal, and I might make $10-25, win win.

Note: To be clear I will not link to products just to make money, this is not my goal here, my links will send you to products I either use myself or consider the best. My first objective is to provide the best research and product selection whenever and wherever possible. The goal of this website is to accumulate the best of the best for you. Of course, if I can make a dollar here and there that helps offset the cost of my website hosting and programs I use.

So if you like my site, and wish to support me feel free to purchase things through my links, or not. Regardless I will recommend things only because they are what I find to be the best.