best mouth tape for sleeping

So you’re finally gonna shut your mouth shut? About time!

I’ve gone through the hard work of taping my mouth shut with all kinds of tape so you don’t have to.

What’s the Best Tape to Use for Mouth Taping?

There are a lot of different kinds of mouth tapes out there, many of them either don’t stick very well, leave residue, or cost too much.

1. Hostage Tape

Hostage tape is the new kid on the block that I’ve fallen in love with!

This tape is made out of a stretchy fabric with a hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive.

image of author wearing hostage tape
Handsome author wearing hostage tape.

It sticks to both skin and facial hair quite well but just like most adhesives, they stick best when you really press them down, so make sure to rub it in once you have it placed.

And applying it is easier than most other tapes I’ve tried due to the flexibility of the fabric and the way you release it from its protective paper.

hostage tape being prepared for placement
Easy to get it ready! Buy Hostage Tape

Grab their 30-day supply package and they them out! If you don’t like it you can send them back for a refund via their 30-day guarantee.

Hostage Tape

hostage tape

We love our hostage tape!

It’s super easy to use and sticks extremely well, even onto facial hair (I would know).

This tape can also be worn during exercise to promote nasal breathing!

2. Silicone Micropore Tape

Alright, cheapo. I see you!

Perhaps 50 to 80 cents per day is too much for mouth tape? I fully understand that!

And that’s why we have a budget recommendation!

Medical tape is the way to go!

When it comes to medical tape, there are really two main categories:

silicone mouth tape
Silicone tape
acrylic medical mouth tape
Acrylic tape

The white acrylic tape above is usually what’s recommended, but… it leaves behind a nasty residue. And when we kiss our partners, eat food, and lick our lips seductively, we can accidentally ingest that!

So my recommendation is the silicone tape! It does not leave behind a residue. And for that, it wins our budget recommendation.

Silicone Micropore Tape

silicone mouth tape

Using this medical silicone tape is a bit less convenient than Hostage Tape.

But it’s much cheaper, closer to $1 a month rather than $30!

If you’re going the medical tape route, I highly suggest buying a tape dispenser to go with it!

This makes things so much easier. Trust me.

Not only is it easier to find the end of the tape, but it’s much easier to rip off the piece you want this way and there is less chance of you ruining the adhesive before putting it on.

Just get it and thank me later.

medical tape dispenser

Medical Tape Dispenser

It comes with a roll of acrylic tape, try it out if you want!

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Check out our article How to Stop Mouth Breathing for more ideas on how to enhance your breathing at night.

Tips for Using Mouth Tape

  1. Wear it during the day: If you’ve never taped your mouth at night, wear some during the day so that you can get used to the sensation before you try to fall asleep like this.
  2. Dry your lips: If you have any moisture under the tape it will likely come off during the night, so make sure your lips are dry first!
  3. Puff out your lips a little bit: This can give you a bit more surface area to work with. It really all depends on how much skin you have both above and below your lips.
  4. Make sure everything is dry! Since you don’t have quite as much room to work with, again, ensure that your lips are dry by dabbing them with your shirt or your teddy bear or something.
  5. Go easy on the beard oil: If you oil up your beard around your lips too much the tape won’t stick as well, so keep that in mind!

Benefits of Mouth Taping

If you’re not sold quite yet on mouth taping, here are the benefits you could expect to see by adopting this habit:

  • Less bad breath in the morning
  • Less snoring
  • No more dry mouth at night
  • Less severe sleep apnea
  • Better jaw development over time
  • Better oxygenation through nitric oxide
  • Slowed breathing rate
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If you’re curious, we’ve written an article that goes a bit more into depth about the science and benefits of mouth taping here.

Does Mouth Taping Help You Sleep Better

Let’s look at the actual science of mouth-taping.

In this study, 20 patients with mild obstructive sleep apnea were asked to tape their mouths shut at night.

snoring results for all 20 participants from study

Of the 20 participants, 16 had significant improvements in apnea and snoring!

So what are you waiting for? Grab some mouth tape!

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