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Don’t worry, this isn’t one of those articles that gives you eight completely different mattress options depending on what kind of sleeper you are… a good mattress should be able to accommodate whoever you are now or might be in the future!

For your convenience, I have narrowed down the list to just three exceptional all-latex mattresses that, depending on your budget, will give you the best sleep of your life!

So what exactly should a great mattress accomplish?

The perfect mattress, in theory, accomplishes the following things:

Infographic of "What Makes a Good Mattress?"

I think we can all agree that this sounds ideal.

The mattresses I have reviewed are made of ALL organic latex layers – no coils, or synthetics. They will be durable and breathable by nature. Especially since each selection includes one or more layers of Talalay – the superior latex.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at our winners!

Best Overall Icon

The Botanical Bliss®

by PlushBeds

Picture of The Botanical Bliss by PlushBeds

PlushBeds has earned our top spot due to being made of the most accredited eco-conscious materials I could find at a competitive price. That along with their service policies gives them their edge in this business.

This mattress is not entirely constructed of Talalay, but it does include a Talalay top “comfort layer” supported by two layers of Dunlop. So you get the support you need without any coils or springs.

Botanical Bliss Pricing Guide
Prices may vary
Financing available through Affirm
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty – up to 10 years covered then fees after
  • 100 Night Trial – 30-night minimum
  • Free Comfort Layer Exchange – within 100 day trial period and requires a $99 deposit that is refunded once the old layer is returned
  • Free Shipping and Free Returns after 30 nights
  • View warranty page
  • GOLS – Dunlop Latex – Global Organic Latex Standard
  • GOTS – Cotton and Wool – Global Organic Textile Standard
  • USDA Organic – Latex, Cotton, and Wool
  • Greenguard Gold – certified against 10,000+ harmful chemicals
  • Eco Institut – certified against pollutants and emissions
  • Control Union Certification – regulates organic latex in Europe
  • Forest Stewardship Counsel – protects environment and forestry
  • Rainforest Alliance Certification – certifies FSC forests
  • CertiPUR-US Certified Foam – not in this mattress but still cool
  • Arpico Certified Organic Latex – the company that produces the latex
  • View certification page


  • Healthiest eco-friendly latex mattress for the money
  • Customizable to individual and partner needs
  • Free shipping, returns, and lifetime warranty


  • Not the cheapest option on our list
  • Have to call for more firmness options

PlushBeds offers their Botanical Bliss in firmness levels of Medium or Medium-Firm. You have the option to split firmnesses on Queens and larger.

You can also choose the height of the bed – 9-10-12″ – which determines how many layers of Dunlop (1-1-2) and the thickness of the Talalay top layer (2-3-2″).

Breakdown of the 6 layers inside of a 12" Botanical Bliss

This is an example of the 12″ Botanical Bliss construction. Layers 5&6 are the Dunlop Layers and Layer 4 is the Talalay.

The top layers are organic cotton and wool, and the bottom is the cotton casing.

Now, I’m usually more of a Soft or Medium-Soft kind of gal myself, since I tend to sleep more on my side, so originally their firmness options were concerning…


When it comes to latex mattresses, you have to keep in mind that the material is more springy and naturally more forgiving than “normal” mattresses. Even a Medium firmness in latex can conform to your body and alleviate pressure points.

Not to mention, with the top layers consisting of Talalay (bouncier than Dunlop) and a padded cotton cover, this provides even more comfortability and makes you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud no matter what position you sleep in.

Sustainable and Non-Toxic

GOLS, GOTS, and Greenguard Gold, Oh my! PlushBeds boasts some of the best Organic and sustainable certifications that the latex market has to offer. I was very impressed.

ECO Institut Icon
Greenguard Gold Icon

When you see these symbols you can rest assured (full pun intended) that you are getting a quality product that has the sustainability of the planet in mind. GOLS covers the Dunlop latex while GOTS covers the Talalay, Cotton, Wool, or any other materials.

These mattresses are hypoallergenic, due to the manufacturing process, for any of you out there worried about a potential reaction from a latex allergy.

Another thing worth noting: there is little to no off-gassing period once you unfurl your layers for this mattress. You can receive the packages, put the layers together, and sleep on it all in record time.


A mattress in general is an investment in your health. This mattress is a bit on the pricier side when compared to other mattresses, but in the world of latex it runs about average.

This is usually brought to an even more affordable level with sales and the offer of free items such as pillows, sheets, mattress toppers, etc. which PlushBeds does offer.

On top of their Lifetime Warranty, they also offer a “Free Comfort Exchange” for the top Talalay layer. If you are unsatisfied with the firmness level, you can contact them to make this exchange.

If you don’t love it at all, no worries! They have FREE RETURNS and a 100-night trial period (the minimum is 30 nights). This is an impressive offer that I had a hard time finding in other companies, normally they at least charge for shipping.

Best Premium Icon

The vZone

by FloBeds

Picture of deconstructed FloBed

Now, this one right here is the BEST, if not the ONLY, fully Talalay Latex Mattress currently on the market.

My husband and I personally purchased this mattress and love it, even a year later.

The only reason it is not my top recommendation is the price tag. Eek. Which is why it is my pick for Premium!

vZone Pricing
Prices may vary
Financing available through Affirm
  • Goldilocks Guarantee – *Fees Apply* – 20 years/4 new layers
    • Up to 2 layers within first 5 years, other two after
    • No returns required
  • 100 Night Trial – $99 for the return label
  • 20-Year Warranty – first 5 years no additional charge
  • OEKO-TEX – Organic Talalay Latex
  • GOTS – Cotton and Wool – Global Organic Textile Standard
  • Forest Stewardship Counsel – protects environment and forestry


  • Fully customizable from head to toe!
  • Best 100% Talalay latex mattress
  • Organic, eco-friendly, non-toxic materials
  • Unlimited layer exchanges through Goldilocks guarantee


  • Most expensive latex mattress
  • Fees for returns and exchanges

Use the above link or coupon code ref2483173 for $150 off a FloBeds mattress.

Comfort and Pressure Relief

This category is precisely where this mattress shines.

FloBeds uses ONLY Talalay latex in their mattresses which guarantees support while also cushioning those pesky pressure points.

They have an extremely helpful “Firmness Advisor” which you can use to input your height, weight, and other details to help find the firmness that would work best for you.

All sleeping positions are accommodated with their special vZone layer. The “vZone” is a layer divided into 6 sections from your head (Right) to your toes (Left):

Picture of different layers of the vZone

Each section represents a different part of your body – head, shoulders, trunk, hips, legs, and feet. As you can see above, me being a side sleeper, I have softer firmness where my shoulders and hips lay since those are my pressure points.

picture of the convoluted layer

The very top layer looks like an egg carton and is known as the “convoluted” layer.

This unique shape creates a more compressible surface area which leads to better pressure point relief than standard flat layers.

Each of these zones can also be removed and exchanged (for a fee and cost of shipping) to meet your ideal comfort level. The best part is, with their Goldilocks Guarantee you can purchase discounted new layers with NO returns!

If you still don’t love it, you can request a return within 100 days. You will be refunded the full amount minus the cost of shipping. But if you’re anything like me, you’ll love it from day 1!

Sustainable and Non-Toxic

FloBeds are GOTS certified for their organic wool and cotton, and are OEKO-TEX certified for their organic Talalay latex. Another way they comply with sustainability standards is to certify through the FSC and partnership with “Forests for All & Forever.”

FSC Forest For All Forever Icon

FloBeds does an incredible job to produce good, clean, pure latex that is chemical and synthetic-free. You also don’t have to worry about this product off-gassing or causing an allergic reaction.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this mattress is expensive. I’m not going to sugarcoat it for ya.

FloBeds does have two other models that are a bit closer to the average cost of a latex mattress, but they don’t have the special vZone layer which creates the ultimate mattress experience.

It’s because of this special layer, the absolutely specific customization capabilities, organic purity, and the fact that it’s entirely Talalay latex that made it worth the cost in our eyes.

Latex mattresses are notoriously durable, and you can expect them to last well beyond the 20-year warranty. Considering you spend a third of your life sleeping, it is definitely worth every penny to know you are getting the best sleep possible.

Best Budget Icon

SleepEZ Organic

by SleepEZ

sleepez organic latex v2

Much like PlushBeds, SleepEZ has an all-latex mattress that uses supporting layers of Dunlop with a top comfort layer of Talalay. You could choose to make the top layer Dunlop but I recommend Talalay all the way.

It’s fully customizable and made of eco-conscious materials at a price that is much more affordable than the two previous options.

While SleepEX is lacking some of the better eco certifications that PlushBeds boasts, and its return options are more limited, it’s still the best budget latex mattress we’ve found.

SleepEZ Pricing
Prices may vary
Financing available through Affirm
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty – up to 10 years covered then fees after
  • 90-Day Trial – layer exchanges allowed
    • 1 layer at $30, additional are full cost of shipping
    • No exchanges after the 90 days
  • Returns – $99 for returns within 90 days
  • Fast & Free Shipping for the initial purchase
  • GOLS – Dunlop Latex – Global Organic Latex Standard
  • OEKO-TEX – Organic Talalay Latex
  • GOTS – Cotton – Global Organic Textile Standard
  • Eco Wool – Not certified organic but follows organic standards
  • Cradle to Cradle Gold – environmental impact
  • Eco Institut – certified against pollutants and emissions
  • Control Union Certification – regulates organic latex in Europe
  • Rainforest Alliance Certification – certifies FSC forests
  • SleepEZ Certification Page


  • Best price option
  • Certified eco-friendly materials
  • Free shipping with the initial purchase
  • Free latex pillows!


  • Fees for returns/exchanges
  • No layer exchanges after 90 days

Comfort and Pressure Relief

SleepEZ certainly makes it the easiest to customize your mattress right off the rip. Their interactive website breaks down each layer and you can choose from Soft, Medium, Firm, and Extra Firm for EACH layer! Not just the top!

Other mattress sites like FloBeds and PlushBeds have their supporting layers in the medium to firm range in order to create the support required for most people, but SleepEZ gives you a full-on plush cloud if you want!

You can also choose to split each layer (for sizes Queen and up) so you and your partner each have what you need. You can input your height, weight, and which position you normally sleep in and it will give you a firmness recommendation.

Takes out all the guesswork and then you can customize from there! Exchanges are available (for a fee), and if you still don’t love it you have 90 days to receive a refund. Unfortunately, after 90 days, they don’t allow any more exchanges…bummer.

Sustainable and Non-Toxic

Much like the others, SleepEZ has worked hard to obtain all of the necessary certifications in order to offer a product that is non-toxic and eco-conscious.

They have certifications in GOTS, GOLS, Eco Institut, Cradle to Cradle Gold, and partner with the Rainforest Alliance.

Logo of the global organic latex standard
Cradle to Cradle Gold Certified
Eco Institut Logo

Again, the organic natural latex is hypoallergenic and has no need for a period of off-gassing before use.


This is the most affordable option that I could find for an all-latex mattress that includes Talalay layers and organic materials. You are getting a high-quality product that should last at least 20 years, if not more.

To sweeten the deal, SleepEZ also offers 2 free pillows and a mattress protector with your purchase and they usually have some kind of sale going on so it’s even more affordable.

As always, there are financing options available so even though the cost is still low, you can make your payments in bite-size monthly chunks to better fit into your budget.


At the end of the day, all three of these choices are stunning and basically fulfill the same need. It just depends on what you’re looking for in price, service policies, and eco-certifications.

If you are looking for a sustainable, quality, all-latex mattress with a hassle-free process – PlushBeds will get you there, hands down. They have countless 5-star reviews and are highly recommended.

If money is no object or you believe that the investment will be worth it (which it absolutely will) then I cannot recommend FloBeds enough. You’ll have a mattress that’s adaptable to your changing sleep habits for years to come.

If you’re on a tighter budget but still want that luxurious Talalay and organic quality, SleepEZ will not disappoint. They’ve got your back and your budget and many, many five-star reviews to back them up.

How to Take Care of Your Latex Mattress

Once you have spent some of your savings on a decent mattress, you might want to make sure you’re keeping it in good shape.

Your mattress should have removable covers made of stretch-knit cotton and/or wool.

  • Every 6 months or so, vacuum the cover, pat it off outside, and allow it to sit in the sun for a couple of hours.
  • You can spot-clean the cover with cold water and mild soap if desired and line dry. Don’t machine wash it or put it in the dryer.
  • While the cover is off, don’t allow direct sunlight to shine on the exposed latex. If sun exposure is unavoidable, place some sheets over the latex until the cover can be put back on.
  • Your latex layers do not need to be flipped or rotated, so no worries there.

It should be mentioned that the mattress options presented in this article are made from 100% latex, and no fillers or synthetics are used in their production, as is sometimes the case with cheaper Talalay.

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