This genius invention has forever changed the way that I breathe…

At a Glance

The Intake uses a magnetic mounting system to open the nostrils wider than any other dilator is able to, while actually being the most comfortable option around.

Since it’s solid, the noseband pulls from the sides, not the middle like strips do, preventing any pain or bruising across the nose.


  • Expands nasal passages better than anything else
  • Minimal adhesive, magnetic mounting, and solid construction allow for maximum comfort
  • Doesn’t come off as easily as other external dilators like Breathe Right strips


  • Refills can be too much of an expense for some
  • Making your own refills is an extra step
  • Can be more distracting in FOV than other options

The Intake Breathing Kit

The Intake is a brand-new nasal dilator that promises to solve all of the problems every dilator before it had.

What sets apart the Intake is its patented magnet mounting system.

By using magnets to attach to the nostrils, the Intake is able to reduce nasal airflow resistance far more than every other dilator out there, while actually being more comfortable than the alternatives as well!

What Comes in the Box

The starter kit comes with everything you need to try out the Intake for yourself:

intake breathing dilator starter kit image
The Intake Starter Kit comes with 4 different nosebands, 15-30 magnetic tabs, and the applicator tool.

Once you’ve narrowed down which band fits you best you can toss the rest! (or give them to your big-nosed friend).

However, you may want to keep a couple of sizes around as slightly smaller bands may stay on better during rigorous exercise.

intake breathing noseband sizes graphic

However, since Intake has a 30-day risk-free guarantee, if none of the 4 most common sizes fit you can always grab one of the other two sizes they have available.

Intake also sells a separate case that can hold your noseband, applicator tool, and several sets of magnet patches which are perfect for trips.

intake breathing carrying case graphic

How Do You Use It?

The placement of the magnetic patches is what will make or break your experience with the Intake.

First, you’ll want to make sure any excess sweat and skin oil is cleaned off, as this will negatively impact how well the patches stick over time.

The included applicator tool makes it easy to apply these without messing up the adhesive with your fingers.

Here’s a short video by Intake on how to apply the patches:

After that, you can test out the various noseband sizes you have to find the one that works best for you!

dilator attached

And walla! You can breathe as you’ve never breathed before!

My wife actually found the amount of air she could breathe with the Intake on, shocking, as she has a rather small nose. She said it felt too cold and had to take some time to get used to the sensation.

If you have any trouble using the Intake they have a very helpful page here with troubleshooting and application videos you can check out!

Comfort and Effectiveness

Perhaps my favorite aspect of the Intake over the other dilators I’ve tried is that it barely feels like it’s there.

Internal dilators like the Mute or Silent Mammoth do work, but they can cause irritation, you always know they’re there, and things like talking, exercising, or eating can exacerbate this discomfort.

External dilators like the Breathe Right strips or Stickys are certainly more comfortable than the internal ones, however, due to the force they exert across the bridge of your nose they can cause bruising over time, and they still don’t open up as wide as the Intake!

photo showing the difference between the intake dilator and a stick on dilator
The intake’s nasal passage expanding powers are quite clear.

Since the Intake is a solid piece, it doesn’t rely on spring force to pull open the nostrils, therefore there is no pressure across the nose! This is really a night-and-day difference for anyone who’s used to strips.

A short video demonstrating Intake vs adhesive strips

You also have to pay for refills with Breathe Right, so there’s really no advantage here.

Exercise and Sleep

Both my wife and I have been using the Intake at night during sleep and during high-intensity exercise and man do we love it! It just really disappears if you put it on correctly.

The comfort compared to strips or internal dilators is just night and day.

At night I found that while I could get sleep just fine with other dilators, they always took some getting used to. This is not the case with the Intake, it’s just that comfortable. You just kind of forget that it’s there.

So if you’ve had comfort issues sleeping with nasal dilators in the past, you’ll want to give this one a shot!

For exercise, it’s another blessing, as it stays on much better than Breathe Right strips do and it’s more comfortable than internal dilators during all the movement that takes place.

I’m a firm believer in nasal breathing at all times during exercise, but during high-intensity stuff like sprints, Tabata, and HIIT, the nasal airways can collapse easily due to the increased airflow.

The Intake allows me to breathe nasally easily during these moments when I absolutely would have defaulted to mouth breathing before. Which feels so good.

I just don’t have that anxiety of pushing myself too hard now knowing that I can still comfortably breathe through my nose even during the most intense exercise sessions.


I love this thing, It’s hard to imagine how much easier breathing can be, it’s just something you get used to.

Once again, if you’re on the fence, Intake has a 30-day money-back guarantee that allows you to use the magnetic tabs and still return it!

It’s really a risk-free trial.

Your sleep and exercise are guaranteed to improve with the Intake nasal dilator, so try it out!

Intake Breathing Kit

intake product photo


  • Expands nasal passages better than anything else
  • Very comfortable since there’s nothing in your nose
  • Doesn’t come off like Breathe Right strips do
  • Risk-free 30-day return window


  • Refills can be too much of an expense for some
  • Making your own refills is an extra step
  • Can be distracting in the FOV as it’s larger than adhesive strips

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