Lumie SAD Lamps

Lumie makes some nice looking SAD lamps, but are they worth buying?

In this article, we’ll be going over their features, as well as testing them with our lab-grade spectrometer to see if you’re getting what you pay for!

The SAD Lamps

I was able to get my hands on 3 Lumie lamps; the Halo, Vitamin L, and Mini.

all lumie lamps on and off

  • Attention

To my European brothers and sisters, Lumie doesn’t ship all of their lamps to America yet, but when they do I will test them!

We went ahead placed these lamps 1 foot from our spectrometer and tested them in order to add them to our extensive database.

halo lamp being tested with spectrometer

So without further ado, let’s get right into my thoughts on these!


The Halo is the flagship SAD lamp from Lumie and boy does it show!

This thing is gorgeous to look at.

shot of lumie halo while off

It’s built out of metal and glass with no plastic to be found, this thing is heavy too, weighing in at around 4.5 lbs, so it also feels like the premium product that it is.

If you’re looking for an eye-catching conversation starter as well as a nice lamp for the winter blues, look no further!

lumie halo turned on

Around the back is where the power cord plugs in and also where you’ll attach the magnetic feet.

back of lumie halo showing off support legs

To use the Lumie Halo, you can simply turn it on by tapping the capacitive power button on the top of the lamp.

To change the brightness and color temperature, you just slide your finger along the “lumie” logo.

close up shot of lumie halo capacitive touch buttons

This will shift the lamp from its warmest LEDs to its coolest, and then finally to a combination of the two which results in its brightness setting.

lumie halo settings spectral power distribution graphs
Low is the warmest color, medium is the coolest, and the high mode combines these two.

The right-most button turns on the evening mode which enables the warm LEDs only. You can then change the brightness of these by gliding your finger across the top of the “lumie” logo once again.

The Halo also has a special mode where you can turn on only the backlight, which will give you a very warm gentle glow off the copper backplate.

lumie halo backlight only mode

This gives the lamp a sort of warm fireplace glow that’s perfect for late at night.

Overall I’m really impressed with this thing! I was actually blown away by the packing and build quality, way beyond any other SAD lam out there.

If you’re looking for something a bit more elegant to have on your desk than the typical white plastic lamp, I’d definitely consider this one.


lumie halo product photo


  • Stunning design and build quality
  • Offers a pleasant warm evening glow option
  • Zero flicker on the brightest setting


  • Expensive for its output
lumie halo sad lamp spectral power distribution graph
  • Lux: 6,600
  • Circadian Light: 6,850
  • Glare: 108
  • CCT: 3850K
  • Brightness Levels: 3
  • Color Temperatures: 3

Vitamin L

The Vitamin L from Lumie is sort of the middle-ground option, offering a decent, flicker-free light source with a nice build quality.

It’s got a physical button around the back that feels great to press! (I love me a good button)

back of lumie vitamin l

Using the Vitamin L is simple, there’s just one brightness and one color temperature.

It puts out around 5,700 lux at 1 foot and a color temperature of around 4050K makes it a warm light much like the morning sun.

lumie vitamin l sad lamp spectral power distribution graph

Couple that with a glare of only 91 and you’ve got yourself an effective and visually comfortable SAD lamp!

Vitamin L

lumie vitamin L product photo


  • The physical button is nice
  • Zero flicker on the brightest setting
  • Comfortable glare rating


  • Only one brightness setting
lumie vitamin l sad lamp spectral power distribution graph
  • Lux: 5,750
  • Circadian Light: 6,050
  • Glare: 91
  • CCT: 4050K
  • Brightness Levels: 1
  • Color Temperatures: 1


The Lumie Mini is one of the best-built compact light therapy lamps I’ve tested, and quite frankly the only one with a physical button.

I’m a big fan of the feel of pressing an actual button so it’s nice to see one on this guy.

shot of lumie mini

Its operation is dead simple. Press the button and that’s it. One brightness setting, one color temperature.

The Mini puts out around 3,900 lux at 1 foot and has a color temperature of around 3950K making it feel quite similar to the color of the rising sun!

lumie mini light therapy lamp spectral power distribution graph
Spectral power distribution graph of the Lumie Mini

And with a glare rating of only 102, it’s quite comfortable!

An alternative to the Mini worth looking at might be the HappyLight Alba. You can read more about our HappyLight review here.


lumie mini product photo


  • The physical button is a nice touch
  • Comfortable glare rating


  • Only one brightness setting
lumie mini light therapy lamp spectral power distribution graph
  • Lux: 3,900
  • Circadian Light: 3,800
  • Glare: 102
  • CCT: 3950K
  • Brightness Levels: 1
  • Color Temperatures: 1

If you’d like to investigate more lamps, just check out our database!

Light Therapy Database Button

Our you can have a look at my list of best light therapy lamps here if you’re read to buy one but aren’t sure which one to get.

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