Pegasi Glasses Review

In our quest to review all of the light therapy options on the market, we had to get our hands on the Pegasi 2, so here it is!

Long story short, it’s not worth buying. You’re much better off with either the AYO or the Luminette 3, but if you’d like to find out why, read on!

The Pegasi 2 Glasses

The Pegasi 2 “Dream Glasses” are a smart device designed to help users align their circadian rhythm with a green-turquoise light.

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The aim of light therapy products is to align your circadian rhythm and alleviate the symptoms of insomnia, depression, and seasonal affective disorder.

The first version has since been discontinued and the Chinese company behind the Pegasi device only links out to the new version we’re reviewing here.

pegasi 1s
First version
pegasi dream glasses
Newest version

You’d get these glasses if the Re-Timer and AYO glasses had a baby since they’ve got the spectrum of the Re-Timer but a design similar to that of the AYO.

But let’s get into what you get in the package:

pegasi package contents

Inside you’ll find:

  • The Pegasi 2 glasses
  • Fold up case
  • Micro-USB charging cable

Yeah, micro-USB… not crazy about it!

close up of the pegasi 2 charging port
The charging port is found behind a small flap on the back of the headset.

The glasses themselves are quite built nicely and look pretty slick though I will say.

image of pegasi glasses

They weigh in at around 50g, so they’re only slightly heavier than the AYO glasses we reviewed, and the weight is fairly evenly distributed so they’re quite comfortable.

Since they don’t put out that much energy compared to other light therapy glasses, they last quite a long time at 10+ sessions before they need to be charged again.


  • Weight: 50g
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • LED Color: Green-turquoise
  • Session time: 30 mins.
  • Battery life: 15-20 sessions
  • Charge time: 70 mins.
  • Guarantee: 30 days

The Pegasi comes with a carrying case that leaves a little to be desired, but it does get the job done.

pegasi inside of its carrying case

They kind of just barely fit in there, and once folded up the case itself feels a little bit flimsy, but there’s enough room for a USB cable so it works.

pegasi carrying case fully enclosed

The Pegasi App

These glasses are “Bluetooth “smart” so they do emit Bluetooth radiation, however, they only do so when a mode is changed.

We measured these using a GQ EMF 390 and found that during use they don’t emit any radiation, which is awesome!

The “smart” functionality just means you need an app to change the brightness and duration settings on the device.

pegasi app mode selection
Three options are available for brightness and session duration/

This app is only available on iOS however, so if you’re an Android user, you’re stuck with the one setting they defaulted to… which is the standard 30-minute session.

The app also comes with a jet lag tool which is kind of cool and useful but it’s also very simple and once you understand how it works it’s not so hard to just formulate a plan on your own.

pegasi app jet lag tool

How Effective Is the Pegasi?

I the beginning of this review I mentioned that the Pegasi 2 wasn’t worth buying. We’ll get into that now.

Like most of our glasses, we put these through some real scientific testing using our spectrometer-equipped mannequin head Henry!

spectrometer mannequin head wearing pegasi glasses
Henry in all his glorious splendor.

Henry allows us to test the spectral qualities of these light therapy devices at the location of the eyes. We can then compare them to each other.

It’s unclear just how many LEDs the Pegasi utilizes but they do emit a very similar wavelength of light to the Re-Timer glasses.

closeup image of the pegasi smart light therapy glasses led section

This light is a green-turquoise color that peaks at around 505nm, which is just a bit greener than the Re-Timer’s 501nm peak.

pagasi 2 light therapy glasses spectral power distribution graph
Spectral power distribution graph of the Pegasi 2.

We took readings of all three brightness levels and got the following measurements:

Pegasi 2 Measurements

  • Brightness: 124-208 lux
  • Total Power: 35-59 µW/cm2
  • Circadian Light: 226-383 CLA
  • Circadian Stimulus (30 min): 0.264-0.365
  • Melanopic EDI: 209-351

This varies depending on which brightness setting is used.

The Pegasi 2 on their low setting fail to hit the recommended CS score of 0.3 so I wouldn’t recommend using them like that.

However on the high 20-minute setting, they do perform alright, and they should work to shift your circadian rhythm when used in the morning or evening. Although they’re still not nearly as effective as the Luminette or AYO, so I still see no reason to get them.

How They Compare

As we mentioned, the Pegasi 2 will give you over 15 sessions on a single charge, that’s over twice as much as the other popular brands, but how?

Because they’re weak yo.

If we compare these to the Re-Timer, which uses a similar wavelength of light, we can see that even on its brightest setting the Pergasi glasses just get smoked.

spectral power distribution graph comparing pegasi 2 light therapy glasses to retimer glasses

So yeah, just not a fan. For the price, you’re much better off with other options.

My Final Thoughts on the Pegasi 2

It’s cool looking and comfortable, but that’s about it.

It’s unfortunately much less effective than the other better options out there such as the AYO and Luminette 3.

One thing I found myself disliking about the Pegasi 2 was the thick black nose piece. I found that even after 30 minutes of wear I could still see it in my peripheral vision while I didn’t have this issue with the AYO for example, as its nose piece is much smaller and clear.

I’m also not personally a big fan of Bluetooth near the head especially since it could’ve been programmed into the side button and really only serves to make using the device more cumbersome.

author wearing pegasi glasses

Pegasi 2 Therapy Glasses

pegasi light therapy glasses product photo


  • Effective at its highest setting
  • Looks cool and futuristic!


  • Less effective than other options like AYO and Luminette 3
  • The black nose piece is annoying

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Now check out our guide on 19 Ways to Align Your Circadian Rhythm for more tips on how to get better sleep!

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